ElumTools creates a 3D view in every project called the ElumTools_WorkingView.  When the Filter by View Visibility setting is set to "True", ElumTools will only consider elements which are visible in the ElumTools_WorkingView.  When 'Filter by View Visibility' is set to 'False' all elements which intersect the calculation volume (Room, Space, etc.) will be included, regardless of its visibility (in any view).


1. Set Filter by View Visibility to "True" in the ElumTools Settings.

2. Locate the ElumTools_WorkingView and hide unwanted elements using any method. This will exclude them from the calculation as long as the Filter by View Visibility setting is set to true.  Modifying the Visibility Graphics settings of the ElumTools_Working View can be an easy way to exclude entire categories.  

Important Note:  Filter by View Visibility is not applicable to the Calculate Active View or Calculate Multiple View commands.  When Calculating by View, only the visibility of the calculation view will be considered.  The state of the ElumTools_WorkingView is never considered when using either Calculate View command.

Phasing Notes

ElumTools will automatically set the Phase of the ElumTools_WorkingView to match the Phase of the active View each time a Calculate Command is invoked.  With Filter by View Visibility enabled, this effectively means that the calculation will only consider elements which are in the Phase of the view the user is working in.  

This is especially handy in working with Linked Models, since ElumTools does not have access to the Phase information from Linked models, due to limitations of the Revit API.  Conveniently, enabling Filter by View Visibility addresses this problem and ensures the Linked Model Phase information is correctly considered.  It is highly recommended to always enable Filter by View Visibility when working with Linked Models.