In order to calculate BUG accurately*, the photometric web must include vertical angles from 0-180 degrees if there is any light at 90-degress vertical (candela > 0). If there is no light at 90-degrees vertical, a report with vertical angles 0-90 is acceptable. If the luminaire was tested as Type B (flood), there is no vertical data above 90-degrees vertical (ergo, no BUG). Note: The requirement to calculate BUG is determined by the photometric data, not the luminaire type.

More Information:

Opening the file in Toolbox's Road Report will indicated 'Not calculated. No data above 90-degrees vertical' in the Luminaire Classification System (LCS) window:

Looking at the Candela Array, the exploration stops at 90-degrees vertical. However, there is light at 90-degrees (candela > 0). Consequently, BUG cannot be calculated*:

In order to calculate BUG for a file like this, the vertical exploration needs to expanded to 0-180-degrees. This can be done by retesting or manually editing the file (if the data is available).

* The indicated requirements to accurately calculate BUG Rating are for Lighting Analysts software only. Other software may calculate BUG for files that do not meet these requirements (caveat emptor).