Effective April 10, 2018

Lighting Analysts moved all new software license purchases to a subscription model on April 10, 2018. Most likely you are familiar with subscription licensing for other tools as many software companies are already there or are moving in this direction. For those not familiar with the subscription model, it is an annual or monthly payment to enable the software, similar to a term license.

Subscription Offers Numerous Advantages:

  • Cost predictability. You know the exact cost per user, per year. You can often allocate licenses on a project basis.
  • Scale your license count as needs change. You only pay for what you use.
  • Subscription is an operational expense, not a capital expense. This avoids often lengthy capital expenditure approval processes and keeps the expense manageable within a department.
  • You always have continuous access to the most current product releases.
  • Time-to-value of new features is reduced as we will release features more frequently.
  • IT professionals are never faced with the high cost to upgrade ancient versions and can plan to update all users regularly.
  • Problems such as long-ago fixed bugs and issues with obsolete versions never occur.
  • Easier collaboration between users as everyone is running the same version.
  • Get unlimited help from our technical staff with email, telephone, and online support tickets.
  • Re-training expenses are minimized as users stay current with the software evolution.

License types

Users can select between cloud-licensed Single-User or Multi-User licenses. The license server is in the cloud, the software is installed locally.

  • Single-User Licenses: Can be installed on up to two computers; only one computer can use the license at a time. An Internet connection is required for normal functionality. A Fail-safe system is provided for disconnected use.
  • Multi-User Licenses: Can be installed on any number of computers; the number of simultaneous (concurrent) users is determined by the number of licenses purchased. An Internet connection is required for normal functionality. A checkout feature is provided for disconnected use.
  • No Internet connectivity: A Hardware Key Solution is available. Contact Lighting Analysts for more information.

Subscription Features

  • Monthly licenses available with optional Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB**).
  • License Portal allows you to manage your licenses and get usage data.
  • Built-in license sharing, nothing to set up!
  • Multi-user licenses do not require a local server side license administration tool. Users can be anywhere there is an Internet connection!
  • Subscription licenses have checkout and/or fail-safe functionality ensuring you can still use the software when no internet connection is available, or our license servers are offline.
  • As of AGi32 version 19, the software provides a new View-Only mode for others to see your work. This allows anyone to examine projects in Model Mode and Render Mode including interactive navigation (share your work easily). If your subscription is expired, your licenses revert to View-Only mode so you can always see your work.
  • All Subscription licenses have the ability to designate administrative privileges for license management.
  • Users can repossess a license that is currently in use by another computer in your license pool. This feature was installed to eliminate lock-out when the program was left running on a desktop or laptop at the office/home. Account managers (admins) can enable and disable this feature from a web portal.
  • No re-keying required with new releases.