This article applies to AGi32 versions 18 and earlier.


  1. From the start up dialog box select Single User License.
  2. Click on the request key link, enter the user information; LAI####, E-store password and e-mail address are required. Your E–Store password must match the password we have on file for you, if you have forgotten your password click here).
  3. If your order is being processed, or has completed processing, your license key is auto-generated and the installation is automatically activated. This also applies to existing users who are upgrading.
  4. The license key will also be e-mailed to the address you entered; the license key can be cut and pasted from the e-mail if necessary.

Deactivating a license:

It may be necessary to deactivate your Single User License in order to install the license on a different or new computer. Deactivating a license frees up the license from your current computer. To deactivate a license follow these steps:

  1. Open the program
  2. Open the Installation and License Manager (ILM) from the Tools menu
  3. Click on the Deactivate License button
  4. Close the program

Now the license is available to be requested from a different computer, or the same computer if you wish.Checkout this video on Deactivating a license!

Watch the video on Product Activation, Simple Sharing, and License Check Out