What is a Hardware Key?

Hardware Keys are used for subscription licensing in environments where there is no Internet connectivity (or unreliable). A Hardware Key is a USB device that can be moved between computers once activated by the first installation. It needs to be activated only once.

Hardware Key Activation:

  1. Insert the USB hardware key sent to you by Lighting Analysts in your computer's USB slot.

  2. Wait for key to be initialized (this process may take a few seconds, Windows will tell you).

  3. Start the application (e.g. AGi32, ElumTools).

  4. When the License Manager appears, click Activate Hardware Key (below).

5. Check your email for the Activation File sent to you by Lighting Analysts.

6. Save the Activation File to your local drive.

7. Navigate to the Activation File and double-click to open.

8. The hardware key information will be updated if successfully activated.

9. The dialog shown below will appear and your license will be active!