Deactivation Applies to Single User Licenses Only!

Single-user licenses are limited to two activations. Once both activations have been used, it is necessary to deactivate an installation before you can activate on another computer (e.g. moving to a new computer).

There is never a reason to deactivate a Multi-user installation. Multi-user licenses have an unlimited number of activation's, simply install and activate on the new computer, forget about the old one. The number of simultaneous users equals the number of licenses purchased. You can remove a specific user in the License Portal (article)

Step 1 - Log in to your License Portal

Log in to your account at (,

Click on "My Account" in the upper right corner.

Select the link for the License Portal (shown below).

(log in to License Portal)

Step 2 - Locate the activation in the "Activations" list.

Step 3 - Click the trash can icon

You are now free to relocate and activate on a new computer!