With subscription licensing every subscription-enabled account has a new License Portal. The license portal provides the following functions based on the license types owned (SUL - Single User License, MUL - Multi-User License):

  1. Verify owned subscriptions, activation codes and expiration dates (SUL, MUL)
  2. Designate an Admin if you want a single person managing the license access (MUL)
  3. Add or remove users (SUL, MUL)
  4. Remove Activations or restore previously removed activations (SUL, MUL)
  5. Create remote deployment files (MUL)
  6. Disabled licensing pooling (MUL)
  7. Control license checkout (MUL)
  8. Control ability to "take" a license in a multi-user environment (enabled by default for SUL)
  9. Reset an activation (SUL, MUL)
  10. Examine license log (SUL, MUL)

IMPORTANT: If an Admin has been selected for the account some functions will be disabled to those other than the account Admin. See "Setting Admin in the Portal" below.

Getting to the Portal

Log in to your account at www.lightinganalysts.com (agi32.com, elumtools.com)

Select the button for the License Portal (log in link).

License Portal Function Map

Setting Admin in the Portal

Use the Edit link in the Users list to set any user as the account Admin. 

If no user has been assigned this privilege then all users have Admin rights. Non-admin users can only look and have no functional control.

The following capabilities are only available to the Admin:

  1. Edit links in Licenses list, Users list and Activations list
  2. Add Users capability
  3. Remove Activations
  4. Create Remote Deployment files
  5. Restore deleted activations