Compatibility Chart

Photometric Toolbox Version
AGi32 Version
ElumTools Version
License Cost
v2019 (2018.6, 2017.9, 2016.13)
New subscription
v2018.5, 2017.8, 2016.12
$249 for new license. If AGi32 SupportPlus was current, upgrades were free (2011 - 2018)


  • Why is the v2.0 upgrade not free for AGi32 users?
    • We apologize as we have created some misconceptions. A number of loyal AGi32 users who have always maintained their SupportPlus maintenance have grown to expect free upgrades to Photometric Toolbox as we told them it would be so (and it has been since 2011, but this is deceiving...). 
    • The honest truth is, there have been precious few upgrades to this product since 2011 as we had planned a different future for this software. But here it is 2018 and it is still available. The planned changes have repeatedly been postponed for more pressing development. 
    • Historically, we did provide a free upgrade to AGi32 SupportPlus users from version 1.7 to 1.8, and then to all users (not just S+) from v1.8 to v1.9. Product differences have either been urgent technical (IES changes to B.U.G.) or were based on access to the new Instabase system (it was in our best interest for everyone to have access to this great resource for photometry). 
    • We also provided all updates in the 1.9 product generation to everyone (1.91 - 1.94) as these were very minor changes and within a product generation.
    • As of April 10, 2018, the SupportPlus plan for AGi32 no longer exists. All AGi32 users with current SupportPlus (ElumTools maintenance) on April 10th were migrated to new subscription for those products, but not for Photometric Toolbox.
    • Why change the policy for PTB now? Bottom line: Photometric Toolbox requires substantial technical support resources. Here is a quote from our old website "Reports from our Customer Care department show that we handle at least two basic photometry questions every day. Given 260 working days, or 250 less holidays etc., you have a smashing 500 photometric questions per year".
  • What does Full Compatibility mean? 
    • In order to use Photometric Toolbox from within AGi32 or ElumTools, the versions must be compatible (table above).
    • Older versions are still functional when started from the desktop icon or Windows Start Menu. 
  • I have a network license for Photometric Toolbox but have moved to new Multi-User license for AGi32/ElumTools. How do i get compatibility moving forward?
    • Purchase a subscription for Photometric Toolbox and enjoy the act of decommissioning your old server side admin software!