Multi-User licenses have a feature called License Checkout enabled by default. You can checkout the license and disconnect from the network for up to 30 days. The actual checkout period is determined in the License Manager from within the software (AGi32 for example). Checking out a license allows for program use without an internet connection (e.g. when traveling).


  1. When you checkout a license, you are removing the ability to use one license from your total count. If you have only one license in Multi-User configuration you will leave your team with no access to the software until you return and check in the license, or the checkout period expires.
  2. If someone in your organization has assumed an Administrator role in the online License Portal, the checkout period and availability may have been changed. By default everyone has admin privileges. See your Administrator if the Edit function is not available to you!

In the License Portal:


From within the AGi32 (ElumTools, PTB, Licaso) software, select the License Manager from the Help menu. You will see the checkout button and number of days as shown below.