CIE 171:2006 Test Cases to Assess the Accuracy of Lighting Computer Programs: Results for AGi32 Version 1.94

Independently performed by Dau Design & Consulting , Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is an extensive compilation of test results performed per the publication CIE 171:2006, assembled on the recommendations of CIE Committee TC3.33

Addendum: Analysis of Test Case 5.14

CIE 171:2006 Abstract

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CIE 171:2006 Errata by Ian Ashdown

Important note: Unfortunately, the CIE has not updated this document since its initial release in 2006 in spite of several issues (see the Errata above). This leaves the lighting software industry without a modern independent verification and validation test case for computer software. Lighting Analysts encourages all parties to perform field verification of all calculations but does not warrant accuracy or suitability of our software for any purpose. Please see our EULA for more information.