What notice should I expect when my subscription approaches expiration?

The application's License Manager will alert you to the subscription term count-down when the expiration date is within 30 days (when you open the application).
We will continue to email a Renewal Notice to the recipient as indicated on your account. See the Renewal notice Schedule for additional information.  (Exception - when enrolled in ARB, notices are not sent)

Login to your account to verify your mailing address and email address is correct. Email LAI Accounting <receivables@revalizesoftware.com> with any corrections.  Please include your LAI account number and contact information.

What is the grace period for renewing?

You need to renew your subscription prior to the expiration date to avoid any interruption to your license activity. Renewal payment options are included on your mailed paper renewal notice. There is no grace period for your subscription.

If I do not renew prior to the expiration date, what happens?

Your Subscription Licenses will function in a limited mode, or not at all (depending on product) until the renewal is processed. The subscription returns to an active mode almost immediately following your renewal.

How can I renew online?

Login to your customer account at www.lightinganalysts.com. Once logged in, click on the Renew link for the subscription needing renewal. Provide your credit card information to complete the transaction. Once your order is confirmed, your renewal date is extended for the term purchased. Your subscription will be active.

What is the cost to renew my subscription?

Renewal pricing is found on the main store page.  Login to your customer account at www.lightinganalysts.com.  Find the "Renew" link on the "My Account" page.  Click the "Save as Quote" link found at the bottom of the shopping cart.  You will be able to specify the email address(es) to receive the quote and add any comment.  If you are ready to purchase your renewal, simply click the "Continue" link.  


Will I need to reinstall my software?

Active subscriptions will have continuous access to the most recent version of our software. You will not need to reinstall your software, but we highly recommend you monitor the NewsReel for any available updates for your installation. The renewal will extend the expiration date. A new activation code will not be issued when your renewal is processed on a timely basis.

Why are their multiple product lines on my renewal?

You may see multiple lines for the same product on your renewal. This indicates there were subsequent purchases of product. 

Is the Renewal Notice an Invoice?

No, the renewal notice provides information regarding your license expiration and cost to renew. If you need a quote for your accounting department, please login to your account at www.lightinganalysts.com and find the "Save as quote" option in the shopping cart page.

I do not see the 'Renew' link in my E-Store home.  Why is the renew link gone?

You may renew an expired subscription if the renewal is prior to 30-days past expiration.  Please find the checkbox for Show Expired in your 'My Account' page.  Expired subscriptions after 30-days past expiry cannot be renewed.  Instead, you will purchase a new subscription at the current published pricing and begin a new term.  
Please note that if any other user has loaded their shopping cart with the Renew item, you will receive an informative dialog with instructions on how to proceed.

I have a monthly subscription.  Is there an easy way to renew without logging into my account each month?

Yes, beginning in April 2019 we offer Automated Recurring Billing (ARB).   Please follow the link to the ARB article for additional information.

Your renewal questions can be answered by contacting LAI Accounting <@revalizesoftware.com>.