Using the Global Keyword Editor

The Global Keyword Editor is designed to make keyword changes across all files you have currently loaded. You might make a global change to all of your files by changing the response to the [MANUFAC] keyword for example. This is a change that is not dependent on what type of products are represented. You might also elect to remove some keywords for all files permanently such as [LAMPCAT] pr [BALLASTCAT] for LED products. Similarly, you could add a keyword to all files but leave the response generic to remind you to change it appropriately when loading subsets of files. When used on a folder or specific file type basis you can change all keywords that are appropriate to those files loaded, like [_SEARCH_COLORTEMP].

  1. Open the files you want to work on using the File Menu commands in the Viewer/Editor dialog
  2. Click the Global Keyword Editor tab
  3. Click on the Load/Refresh Existing Keywords button. Each file will be searched for keywords. Any keyword that occurs in at least one file will be listed
  4. To Delete a keyword click on the Delete button
  5. To update a keyword response simply enter or edit the new/revised text in the Description cell, the Add/Update button is automatically selected when you exit the cell
  6. To add a new keyword use the new cell at the bottom of the list to enter the new keyword. Per IES LM-63-2002 all user defined keywords (not described in LM-63) must begin with an underscore and be in uppercase type
  7. Change the order keywords are listed in the IES file by checking the box at the bottom of the dialog (Reorder Keywords...), then click in the left-most column to select a keyword to move and use the up or down arrows to reorder. When the Apply Changes button is selected (lower right) the keyword order will change in all loaded files

Be sure and read about adding "Smart Keywords" from separate topic by that name.