Applying Candela Modifications to your Files

The Candela Modifications tab provides functionality that can also be found on other tabs, but that might be more convenient to apply in batch to all files in one step.

  1. Round Candela is helpful for files that contain fractional candela data. You can round these values to whole numbers, or some smaller number of decimals. Fractional data is common in files that have not been through a post-process as is common in most accredited laboratories. Set the Number of Decimals box before clicking the Round Candela button.
  2. Apply Multiplier to Candela will multiply all candela values by the existing multiplier in the file and then set the new multiplier value to one. This can be useful if your data has been factored previously, perhaps multiple times and it is difficult to document.
  3. Convert Type C to Type B (and the inverse) is useful for files that have been tested in one format (usually Type C) and you wish to present them in the alternative format. Type B photometry is used exclusively for floodlights or projector sources/luminaires that have zero backlight (Type B) or uplight (Type C). The conversion process must resample the entire photometric distribution to assign to the alternative angular format. This can result in small differences in zonal lumen output and maximum or minimum candela values. Type C files with uplight will be truncated when converted to Type B by nature of the Type B angular format, this is not advisable.