License Usage Statistics


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  • License usage statistics shows license allocation and usage data for all products (similar to the old LAI Network Service usage logs)
  • You can monitor these statistics to help determine license requirements (e.g. increase licenses if users are frequently denied access)
  • Note: You must have Admin privileges in order to access these functions (see License Portal)


  • License Stats – Exports data to CVS file

  • Reset Stats:
    • Resets all numeric data (all columns starting with Full Access)
    • You will want to consider resetting after changing license allocation
    • After Resetting Stats, client data is not updated until after the second startup of the program or first renewal (first startup resets the data)


  • Product – Product name
  • Licenses – Number of license and license type; Single User (SUL), Multi-User (MUL) or Hardware Key (HWK). Note: There is no usage data for HWK’s
  • Status – Date license expires or if expired
  • Activations:
    • Number of activations used and number available for indicated product and activation code
    • If there are no more activations available, you can either; delete unused activations or purchase more licenses in order to activate more computers using this AC

  • Activation Code (AC) – Prefix only

  • Full Access - Number of times the program was accessed in full use mode
  • Limited Access - Number of times the program was accessed in ‘Inactive Mode’. Includes startup before program has been activated (e.g. ET/MUL) and declined access
  • Declined Access (all in use):
    • Number of times access to program was denied due to all licenses in use (MUL) or take denied (SUL)
    • If this number is high, you may want to consider purchasing additional licenses
  • Takes:
    • Number of times a license was taken from another user
    • Only applies to SUL (always 0 for MUL)
  • Take Denied:
    • Number of times someone used up their allocated number of takes
    • Only applies to SUL (always 0 for MUL)
  • Checkouts:
    • Number of times someone checked out a license
    • Only applies to MUL (always 0 for SUL)

Session History


  • Session history shows how a particular program was in use by a particular user (excluding HWK's).
  • This may be useful to determine who is and who isn’t using the program, how much they are using the program and what version they are using (could be used to identify users using older versions)
  • Data is shown for a 3-month window in descending order
  • Users deactivated within the date range will NOT be included in the history


  • Display - Full:
    • Display is separated into two sections; active sessions (indicated with green dot) and inactive (or closed) sessions
    • Each section is displayed in descending order by DateTime:
      • Active session DateTime is when the session started
      • Inactive DateTime is when the most recent session was closed

  • Display - Condensed
    • Summarizes all sessions for indicated period by Program and Email in ascending order by email address and then Program (AGi32, Toolbox, Photometric Power Tools, ElumTools, Licaso)
    • Duration shows total time for all sessions and number of sessions

  • Export - Exports Session History current view (full or condensed) to CSV file