That's a long title, but there is a short explanation! These two programs cross over in only a VERY small way: both can edit an IES file and perform some conversions (C to B for example). The most fundamental difference is: Photometric Toolbox can operate on ONLY one file at a time. Photometric Power Tools can operate on literally as many files as you want to load into the software. Imagine single file editing versus batch file editing.

Unique to Photometric Toolbox:

  • Reporting (Indoor, Flood, Road reports)
  • Changing photometric test position (add tilt, rotate etc)
  • Change angle set (# vertical, # Horizontal angles)
  • Compare files based on calculated metrics (side by side)
  • 3D Photometric web
  • Create a new IES file from scratch (type it in)
  • Template (iso-fc/lux) generator tool

Unique to Photometric Power Tools:

  • Load hundreds or even thousands of IES files
  • Factor all or selected files in terms of luminous intensity
  • Factor all or selected files in terms of wattage
  • Create clones and factor (multiple copies of each file that can be treated differently)
  • Round candela values (reduce # decimal places)
  • Fold in existing multiplying factors (multiply candela)
  • Batch convert C to B (and inverse)
  • Batch convert relative to absolute (and inverse)
  • Batch modify IES keywords (and custom keywords, add, remove etc. from all files)
  • Create tabular list of all files content, keywords, calculated metrics; export to excel
  • Duplicate entire tree structures of folders and files with new factored files

Read the Photometric Power Tools Overview.