Flash Indoor and Flash Outdoor have built in expiration date and are locked to specific domains (specified in the signed license agreement).

These instructions apply in the following cases:

  • Replacing an existing, working installation so it does not expire.
  • Replacing an existing, working installation to add/remove domains.
  • Replacing an existing, expired installation to make it work again.
  • Replacing an trial installation with a production version.


  1. Backup any folders/files you are going to replace.
  2. Login to your account on www.LightingAnalysts.com.
  3. Download the following files (if available).
    • FlashIndoor.swf
    • FlashOutdoor.swf
  4. Replace the old SWF files on your web server with the new SWF files.
  5. Clear your browser cache (do not skip this step).
  6. Verify the new version works as expected.