Welcome to Luxiflux!

Luxiflux is our new line of web-based lighting calculation tools that are intended to be integrated into luminaire product websites.

Luxiflux tools support all major modern browsers on desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android) devices.

Luxiflux tools are intended to replace our legacy line of Adobe Flash-based tools (Flash Indoor, Flash Outdoor).  Adobe Flash based tools are basically obsolete because Flash support is nonexistent on most mobile devices and has been deteriorating on desktop browsers for quite some time  More details.


Luxiflux Zonal

Is a zonal cavity (lumen method) calculation tool which quickly estimates the light level (illuminance), number of luminaires, power density, and lighting layout, for simple rectangular spaces. It also acts as a replacement for Flash Indoor.  

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Luxiflux Area

Is an exterior lighting calculation tool used to optimize luminaire/pole spacing to meet specified illuminance criteria. 

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Other Tools

Other tools are in the concept phase.  

Please contact us if you have an idea for a web-based lighting calculation tool.

Implementation Overview

While the implementation of Luxiflux web tools is fairly simple, integrating the tools on your website requires a web developer.  We will support you and your web development team to get the tools integrated into your website.


Luxiflux tools only support modern, standards compliant web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc).

Luxiflux tools utilize HTTPS only (does not support HTTP) and can only be integrated into websites that fully support HTTPS.

Luxiflux tools are hosted on Amazon Web Services and benefit from AWS performance and uptime guarantees.