Version 1.8 - 08-APR-22

Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolve calculation discrepency between Type C and Type B files for flood light metrics (Beam, Field, and Spill Lumens).
  • Resolve LCS metrics reporting zero lumens, occurring in certain cases.

Version 1.7- 23-NOV-19:


  • Changed order of initial dialog openings - Viewer first (modal) then File Functions (non-modal). Opening order effects how the dialogs are shown in the taskbar
  • Factor Files - Increased number of displayable Keywords from 10 to 25. Prior to change, you could select more than 10 Keywords, however, only the first 10 were shown in the grid (kind of confusing)

Bug Fixes: 

  • Closing the program from the File Functions dialog does not save the current dialog sizes and locations
  • Global Keyword Editor - Pressing Ctrl+Del to delete selected rows clears all loaded files (oops). Hot key changed for 'Reset All Loaded Files' (Ctrl+R --> Alt+R) and 'Clear All Loaded Files" (Ctrl+Del --> Alt+Del)
  • Loaded files do not reflect Keyword changes in certain circumstances. Problem can occur when 'Concatenate Keywords' is enabled in System Settings