Adding Smart Keywords

Using the Global Keyword Editor you can add Smart Keywords to your IES files. A Smart Keyword is one which can extract a calculated result performed by Photometric Power Tools, or any data already in the file format and insert it into the keyword. Any of the calculated metrics or file data can be used. This information can then be included in Instabase queries or simply be informative for end users of your data. 

Calculated Metrics:

File Data:


All user defined keywords to be used in an IES file are to begin with an underscore and must be contained in square brackets per IES LM-63. The keyword itself and the response can be anything you choose. Using the Global Keyword Editor, enter the proposed keyword in square brackets, followed by any clarifying text and then the Smart Keyword variable enclosed in {braces}. For example:

    [_UPWARD LUMENS] Lumens emitted upward={Lumens Up}

The keyword is: [_UPWARD LUMENS]

The additional text is: Lumens emitted upward=

The Smart Keyword Variable is: {Lumens Up}

In Photometric Power Tools:

Once applied the new line is in the IES file:

Smart Keyword Examples:

Enter this text in Global Keyword EditorYieldsThis is inserted in IES file

[_BUG] LCS Rating {BUG}

[_BUG] LCS Rating B2-U0-G5
[_INPUT] 120 VAC {Watts}W

[_INPUT] 120 VAC 50W