In this step you will:

  • Specify a sender name and email address.
  • Verify the email address so it can be used to send emails from the tool.

Step 3.1 -- Choose an Email Address

Create an email address (or use an existing one) from your domain.

The email address must be able to receive emails.

Emails sent by the tool will be sent from this email address.

Examples: (not recommended)

Step 3.2 -- Verify the Email Address

The sender email address must be pre-verified otherwise an error will be thrown when someone attempts to send an email from the tool.

Send an email to with the subject "Luxiflux Sender Email".

Make sure to include the Email and Name you wish to send email from.


Sender Email:
Sender Name:     Lighting Layouts

Within 1 week you will receive a verification email at the email address you specified.

The email will be from "Postmark Support" <>.  Open the email and select the "Confirm Sender Signature" button/link.

Your email address is now verified.

Step 3.3 -- Specify the Sender Name and Email Address

Add or edit the appropriate input data fields to send emails from your email address.  These should be the same fields as the previous step.

JSON Example

Corresponds with Step 2 -- New Implementations.

"SenderFromEmail": "",
"SenderFromName": "Sender Name"

View example input data and comments.

XML Example

Corresponds with Step 2 -- Migrate from Flash Indoor to Luxiflux Zonal.

<SenderFromName>Sender Name</SenderFromName>

 View an example of the XML input with associated comments.