Anytime you save an unsaved file (copy or modified), a save is deducted from usage. The yellow Modified count is the number of unsaved files that will be deducted from usage once saved:


  • Load 100 files:
    • Modify 20 files and Save All Modified Files - Counts as 20 saves
    • Modify 20 files and Save All Files To New Folder - All 100 files are saved to the new folder but only modified 20 count as saves
  • Load 300 files, and create a copy of all – There are now 300 unsaved files:
    • Save without making any changes to any of the copies – Counts as 300 saves. It is NOT recommended to save an unmodified copy! You could have done this using Windows copy file command
    • Continue and modify the 300 files and save – Counts as 300 saves
  • Load 250 files, create 3 clones of each for a total of 750 files:
    • Modify 175 files out of the 750 and save – Counts as 175 saves
    • Modify the same 175 files and save again - Counts as 175 another saves! Better to make all modifications before saving to minimize usage. For example: Make changes and apply, make additional changes and apply, when done making changes, check work and save!