2021.2.0.11, 2020.5.0.16, 2019.11.0.16   -    Released: 2020-05-27

  • Speed improvements to Projected Calculation Points.
  • Fix issue with results invalidation failing to delete all old information, occurring in certain cases.
  • Fix issue with retrieving linked model Phase information.

2021.2.0.5, 2020.5.0.12, 2019.11.0.13   -    Released: 2020-05-05

  • Area based calculation point masking tools.
  • Calculation Viewer now recalls settings from previous calculations.
  • Support for Phase Mapping information from linked models.
  • Improvements to Spatial Maps with Projected Points.
  • Add results invalidation button to Add/Edit Calc Points dialog.
  • Fix issue with linked model transform in Projected Points.