Where can I find additional information regarding Subscription Licensing?

Please review our Subscription Licensing overview information.

How do I find your software pricing?

LAI's current price list can be found linked to any orange 'Buy' button or by clicking the Products List link.

How to I decide the best product for our firm?

Each software Overview Page contains a description of the product and most have a 5-minute YouTube video demonstration of the features.  The Software Overview Pages can be found at www.lightinganalysts.com.  Find the Software menu at the top of our home page and click the down arrow to review each product.

What is the best subscription type for our firm, Single-User or Multi-User subscription type?

The Single-User subscription type allows two activations per subscription purchase.  

The Multi-User subscription type allows any number of activations.

The number of concurrent users is determined by the number of subscriptions purchased.

Please find additional information linked in the Single User -vs- Multi-User Licenses.

How do I obtain a quotation for software?

Existing customers login to your account at www.lightinganalysts.com.  "My Account" page allows you to Renew existing subscriptions or purchase additional subscriptions.  Produce a quote of your shopping cart by selecting the "Save as Quote" link under the shopping cart.  Enter the email address(es) to receive the quote and make comment if desired.

New customers or prospects: Visit our Contact Us page and include Software Name, Single or Multi-user and count when submitting request.

What are the training opportunities for your software?

AGi32 online tutorials and ElumTools provide free tutorials.  Additional training courses are availalble for a fee.  The class schedule and course descriptions may be found under the Learn menu.

What is included in the subscription cost?

The subscription cost includes your application for the length of term purchased.  Included with your active subscription is continuous access to upgrades and technical support.

How do I create my account.  I'm ready to purchase but do not see how to get started.

If you are a new customer, follow these three major steps:

1) Shop for the product solution for your firm,

2) Checkout of the online store and when prompted to 'Login', find the 'Create Account' link.

3) Enter credit card information to secure your purchase and obtain your Activation Code.

If you are an existing customer

1) login to your license account - this will provide you the opportunity to pro-rate additional purchases to an existing expiry date.

2) Select the product solution for your firm,

3) Checkout with major credit card.

I like the Monthly term option, but do not want to login each month to renew my subscription.  Do you offer an automated renewal option?

For ease of renewal, you may 'opt-into' the ARB (automated recurring billing) using your credit card on file with Authorize.Net

How do I find my current subscription version?

Login to your customer account at www.lightinganalysts.com and review your current subscriptions and versions - all active subscriptions have access to current versions.

How do I know what is included in each version release?

Visit our Knowledge Base for published release information.

I am an international customer not located in the USA or Canada.  Do I need to work through a reseller?

You may complete purchases via the store using a credit card (in USD only).  However, you may contact the software reseller in your region to obtain additional information and potential purchase options.  Our reseller's list is found HERE.

I have additional questions not addressed by the FAQ - who can I contact?

Your questions are important to us, please Visit our Contact Us page.

Be certain to include a brief description of how we can help you and your complete contact information.

We are available Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm Mountain TIme Zone.