Version 1.3.0                    2021-06-15

  • Added share link functionality.
  • Fixed Light Loss Factor issues.

Version 1.2.1                    2021-03-25

  • Fixed logo issue.
  • Fixed printing issue.

Version 1.2.0                    2021-03-18

  • Added ability to provide customized clickable links for each photometric file.

Version 1.1.1                    2021-02-24

  • Added print and share functionality to custom commands.

Version 1.1.0                    2021-02-18

  • Updated icons to match Luxiflux Zonal.
  • Added custom command functionality and corresponding input fields.

See example input, comments, and demo.

  • Fixed various printing issues.
  • Fixed issues with numeric input.

Version 1.0.0                    2020-11-20

Initial production release.

  • Improved support for metric units.
  • Added metric demo example.
  • Improved dimensioning for the template layout.
  • Fixed various issues with the mobile form factor.
  • Fixed live theme updating.
  • Fixed various drawing issues.
  • Fixed various input issues.

Version 0.0.45 (Beta)        2020-11-06

  • Added multiple demo examples.
  • Added the ability to optimize area size.
  • Added advanced settings.
  • Improved template layout.
  • Fixed startup theme issues.
  • Fixed various drawing issues.
  • Fixed various input issues.

Version 0.0.44 (Beta)        2020-10-28

  • Improved optimization, performance, and resolution.
  • The Area Size is now optimizable.
  • Added a Bullhorn (Twin) pole arrangement.
  • Added Luminaire Rotation and Tilt parameters.
  • Added maximum and minimum indicators to the display.
  • Added ability to display more/fewer calculation values.
  • Fixed various issues.

The input data format changed in the following ways (view diff):

  • SupportLength has been replaced with LuminiareOffset which allows for both X, Y values.
  • The defaults for AreaSize should now be set to 0.0 (rather than 60.0 or another value) since area size can now be optimized.
  • LuminaireRotation and LuminaireTilt have been added.
  • New display options have been added:  ValuesSpacingFactor, MinimumValueIndicator, MaximumValueIndicator.
  • CalculationPointSpacing was replaced with Resolution.  It's best not to specify this anyway.

Version 0.0.42 (Beta)        2020-08-17

  • Initial beta release.