In order for Lighting Analysts software to activate correctly, it identifies the computer on which it is installed at the point in time of activation.


If the intent is to create an image of a hard drive on which any Lighting Analysts software is installed for use to generate other installations, it is important that the software is not activated in the master image. Activating the software in the image could cause problems with the activations of computers cloned from the image.


In this scenario:


  1. Install the software, but do not Activate the Subscription on the software.
  2. If you are using an AutoActivate file as part of the Remote Deployment procedure, place that AutoActivate file in the correct folder. Again, do not open the software, especially if the AutoActivate file is in place.
  3. Create the image.


The master image should be created with the software installed, the AutoActivate file in place, but the software in a state in which it has not yet been activated or opened. When a user opens the software on a machine spawned from the master image, the program looks for the AutoActivate file first and should activate automatically without the user’s input.