Another indicator that there may be a problem is that no image appears in the Splash Screen when AGi32 is starting up (see image below).

If experiencing these issues and uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t correct the problem, try the following:

  1. Make sure all instances of AGi32 are closed.
  2. Open a Windows dialog and navigate to the "SysWOW64" folder located at [C:\Windows\SysWOW64].
  3. In the "Search" field at the top right of the dialog, type in (without quotes) "*14N" then hit the ENTER key to run the search. The dialog and results of the search should look something like the image below.
  4. Although it is possible for the search to find additional entries, select and delete the 16 entries shown above, 14 .DLL files and 2 .OCX files. In case the list in the image is illegible, the files are labeled: lfbmp14N.dll, LFCMP14N.DLL, LFJ2K14N.dll, Lfpng14N.dll, lfRaw14N.dll, Lfwmf14N.dll, LTCLR14N.dll, LTDIS14N.dll, ltefx14N.dll, ltfil14n.DLL, ltimg14N.dll, ltkrn14N.dll, ltlst14N.dll, ltlst14N.ocx, ltocx14N.ocx, and lttwn14n.dll.
  5. Run AGi32 again. The program will probably go into repair/installation mode before opening but you should now see images in the Splash Screen and be able to access Textures and save files.