Problem: Software inadvertently seems to lose its installation key requiring a new registration at each startup.

Issue: Newly installed AV/Firewall/Proxy Server systems can prevent our software from communicating with our license servers. 

Solution: A short term solution was to clear the browser cache and add an exception to allow our software to access our license servers (see instructions below). A longer term solution would be to get your IT department to add this exception to the new/updated AV/Firewall/Proxy Server systems.  The exception to add is to allow both INPUT and OUTPUT access to http://*

Here are instructions for adding this exception to your local machine, however this may not be approved by your IT department so caution is advised and it is recommended that you consult your IT department before making any changes.

Clear your IE browser cache (even if it is not your default browser):

1. Open your Internet Explorer (IE) browser

2. Click on Tools->Internet Options

3. In the General tab, click the Delete... button in the Browsing History section

4. Select the following checkboxes (see image) and click Delete

Add an exception to the Security Tab

1. While still in the Internet Options dialog, click on the Security tab.

2. Select the Trusted sites zone and click the Sites button.

3. Add an exception for http://*  You may need to un-select the "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" checkbox.

Uncheck use automatic configuration script in LAN Settings

1. While still in the Internet Options dialog, click on the Connections tab.

2. If you are using LAN Settings, open the LAN Settings dialog and un-select the "Use automatic configuration script" checkbox.

Click OK/Apply to save your settings.  

Once again we caution that these changes may not be approved by your IT department and should only be used if you understand and take responsibility for the risks.