There are a few questions that are coming up frequently from existing network license clients:

Q: Assume that the Network License is now replaced with a Multi-User license in Subscription?  

A. Yes.

Q: Does the software (AGi32, ElumTools etc.) continue to be installed on the local client?  

A. Yes.

Q: Does the software now use the cloud to validate users instead of the local service (LAI Network Service)?  

A. Yes.

Q: Once up on the Multi-user license can we can take down our server install of the license key verification (LAI Network Service)? 

A: Yes. Just make sure that before you decommission the LAI network service on your server (Deauthorize tab), you don’t have any users still using legacy versions of our software (AGi32, ElumTools, etc.). Otherwise, they won’t be able to check out a license until they install the latest subscription based upgrades.

Q:What steps on our side need to make this switch? (if we uninstall our server based key, will the software automatically switch to the cloud search or we need to uninstall and reinstall new software on the computers?)

A: On April 10th, 2018 we will release an update for all of our products. When you’re ready:

  1. Install the update on all your client machines.
  2. Key the software on each machine using the new cloud licensing.
  3. Deauthorize the LAI network service on your server, as the new software installs will use the cloud based licensing (making the licensing software on your server unnecessary).

Q: Do we have to completely re-license under the new model?

A: All licenses moved to subscription will need to be registered using the new Multi-User subscription system. Once the LAI Network Service is Deauthorized, your existing licenses will no longer function. You will need a current subscription to install any future updates (e.g. ElumTools for Revit 2019).

Q: Will remote deployment tools be available with multi-user subscription licensing?

A: Yes, please see details here

Q: There appears to be a new cost model for the licenses, is this correct?

A: Yes. You can find the pricing for NEW licenses here. Any licenses owned as of April 10, 2018 that were under current maintenance, were grandfathered in at a lower rate. See here for complete details.