AGi32 is a state of the art illumination engineering program. It will run satisfactorily on all modern hardware for relatively simple applications. Users planning on taking advantage of the full spectrum of power offered by AGi32 should consider the Recommended hardware requirements below.

Satisfactory PerformanceRecommendedHigh Performance
Dual-Core Processor 2.00+GhzQuad-Core Processor 2.30+Ghz6+ Processor cores 2.60+Ghz
1GB RAM - 32-bit OS
2GB RAM - 64-bit OS
2GB RAM - 32-bit OS
4+GB RAM - 64-bit OS
8+GB RAM - 64-bit OS
Windows 11 or 10 preferred
Windows 11 or 10.
Windows 11 or 10 (64-bit)
OpenGL enabled video card 256+MB MemoryOpenGL enabled video card 500+MB MemoryOpenGL enabled video card 1+GB Memory
Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 720
32-bit color support (True Color)
Physical Network Interface Card (NIC). Computers with only a virtual NIC cannot be licensed

AGi32’s radiosity calculation, ray-trace rendering and most calculation point operations will utilize multi-core configurations. The more cores, the faster the program execution. Note: AGi32 currently can only support up to 32 cores (additional cores will have to be disabled to ensure proper operation). For more information on this and other hardware specifics affecting AGi32, please see the Computer Hardware Recommendations for AGi32 Article.

LAI Helios32 and kăMR Technology™ - by Ian Ashdown, FIES

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