What does Inactive mean?

Applies to: AGi32, ElumTools, Licaso, Photometric Toolbox

When the software is first installed and started, it is in Inactive Mode. This can mean slightly different functionality for each product. It may have limited use as in the cases of AGi32 and ElumTools with some commands active. Or, it may be completely non-functional as in the case of Licaso and Photometric Toolbox. See each program below for a description of Inactive functionality. 

In all cases the software is waiting to be activated. Follow the instructions to activate a Subscription or a Trial.

Inactive Mode Functionality

AGi32 - When inactive, AGi32 can function as a file viewer. This can be valuable to review and navigate someone else's work for anyone not licensed. All navigation commands and mode tabs (Model, Render, Page Builder) are active if content exists in the file (Ex: file must be calculated and .RSF file present to see rendering).

Photometric Toolbox - There is no functionality. All commands are inactive (disabled).

ElumTools - The ElumTools software provides access to the View Results and Utilities commands when the software is in an Inactive or unlicensed state. This allow ElumTools to function as a Viewer to unlicensed users, or to users on a Multi-user license without actually activating ElumTools. 

ElumTools toolbar in an Inactive state.

When the Activate License button is selected, the toolbar will be unavailable while the License Manager is displayed.

Licaso - The Licaso software provides no functionality while in Inactive mode. If the software happens to be running and a co-worker "takes" your license (if this feature is enabled), Licaso will allow the current file to be saved.