If you are trying to obtain a trial key or a subscription key and you get a message that there is no response from the license server, it is likely that your firewall is blocking the response from our license server. To unblock the firewall, create a passthrough for the following domain:


This will allow HTTPS/443 requests and responses to be sent and received by our license server.

A quick way to check if your firewall is preventing access is to do the following:

1. open a browser

2. Go to the following URL:  https://register.agi32.com

You should see our logo and nothing else on the page, this means at least your browser is able to access our license server. However, it still may mean that a firewall is blocking program access

Our software uses the same port (HTTPS/443) to access the license server at https://register.agi32.com, however some firewalls can block access to this port for programs, while still allowing it for browsers like Chrome, FireFox, IE, Edge, etc.  What you will need to do is get your IT team to either open port 443 (via HTTPS) for all programs, or for the program you are using (AGi32, ElumTools, Licaso, or Photometric Toolbox) so that the program can gain access. One other thing to note, access must be allowed for both Incoming and Outgoing traffic.

If this problem persists after opening the required port: to better investigate your specific circumstances we'll need to look at a log file that our programs generate. The file is in a hidden folder, so you may need to show hidden folders, from your Folder Options settings.  Please send us (as an attachment) one or more of the following files depending on which program you are having issues with.


  C:\ProgramData\Lighting Analysts\Subscription\Log