Occasionally, someone will tell us that they try to open the program and it tells them that all licenses are in use, but they know no one is using the program. How can this be? Well, it turns out sometimes the command request to end a session from the program never makes it to our servers so we're unable to clean things up on our end, so the next time you open the program, our server thinks that your program is still in use.

We would be interested to know if this continues to happen. Here's what you can do and what you can be on the look out for.

  • You can log into your license portal at https://lightinganalysts.com/catalog/login.php (click the License Portal button after logging in), in the Activations section you can click the Reset link if you believe a license has been released by the software. In any case, this will tell you which licenses are in use (the green dot), and if you hover your cursor over the green dot it will tell you how long it's been in use.

  • Sometimes our server can think that the program is still active when it no longer is, if our server never received an "endSession" command, which occurs when you close the program. However, if the program is on a virtual machine and you shutdown the VM without first closing the program, then that command request is never sent to the license server, so it is unable to clean up our records. The same could happen if you shutdown a laptop/desktop without first closing the program.  

To test if your program is properly closing the session, please run the following test (with a browser window opened to your License Portal):

  1.     Refresh the License Portal (LP) and ensure that no licenses are in use (all activations have a red dot)
  2.     Open the program
  3.     Refresh the LP and verify that one of the activations is now active (green dot)
  4.     Close the program
  5.     Refresh the LP and verify that the previously green activation is now no longer active

If running the above test does not consistently end the active session then please let us know so that we can do some further testing of your environment.