Keywords, Data and Calculated Metrics

This tab provides the ability to examine and sort files by calculated metrics such as BUG Rating or LER and save the list to an external format. You can also add a variety of data and keywords to the display, which can be modified if necessary. This is a very powerful way to error check files for problems in areas such as units, dimensions, watts and more, then correct them as necessary.

To begin, select the Data to be included in the worksheet from the upper left section. Then select any metrics to be calculated and displayed in the upper-center section, finally select any keywords you might want to examine or modify. You can change these selections at any time to add or remove items from the list. Click the Load/Refresh Data button to populate the list.

Rename your files in groups

Photometric Power Tools has a Smart Filename builder in System Settings. This allows you to build a custom string that can include keywords, file data and calculated metrics to build filenames. With a little planning this can make the process of renaming files almost effortless. See the Smart Filenames topic

Making Changes

You can type in any of the Data or Keyword fields to modify the information. When you leave the field it will turn red indicating changes have been made to that line. You can undo any changes using the undo arrow to the right of the filename prior to clicking the Apply Changes and Refresh button in the lower right corner of the dialog. Once changes have been applied the fields will return to black and the changes recorded. Nothing is actually saved to disk until you execute a save command from the File menu. If you wish to undo all changes in the list you can select the Reset All Loaded Files command from the File menu in the Viewer/Editor dialog (also ctrl-R). 


It can be handy to print or export your results for reference by other members of your team. The Export option allows the list to be saved in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel.