The "Network Error" typically has to do with security which is why the message is vague rather than a more useful and specific message.

There are several reasons why this error might occur, here are the prime suspects.

Possible Cause -- Mixed Content

Your API is being served over HTTP rather than HTTPS.

Luxiflux tools utilize HTTPS only (does not support HTTP) and can only be integrated into websites that fully support HTTPS.

Solution:    Convert your API to be served over HTTPS.

Possible Cause -- CORS Policy

Your API does not have a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policy that allows your API to receive requests from

Solution:    Add CORS headers to your API response.



Your API can allow requests from a specific origin.

Access-Control-Allow-Methods:    GET

Your API can allow requests from all origins.

Access-Control-Allow-Origin:     * 
Access-Control-Allow-Methods:    GET

Possible Cause -- 502 Bad Gateway

Your request could have timed-out (longer than ~10s).

Possible Cause -- Incorrect Authentication URL

If the Authentication URL is not correct, often when a "/" is missing at the end of the Authentication URL, this will result in an error. Luxiflux cannot automatically append a "/" or remove one.