Files created in versions of AGi32 older than version 2.1 cannot be opened in AGi32 version 19.0 and newer. If you have .AGI or .A32 files created in a version of AGi32 older than 2.1 you will receive an error message similar to the one below.

In order for these files to be opened in AGi32 version 19.0 or newer they first must be converted using AGi32 version 18.3. 

If you already own AGi32 version 18.3 then you can convert files using the full version and skip steps 1-3.

To convert files follow the below steps.

1. Download the free version of AGi32 18.3 that only is able to open and save files here:

2. Once downloaded, install the AGI32-18.3-OpenSave_Setup.exe file.

3. After the installation finishes, open the AGi32-18.3 (Open_Save) program.

4. Click on "File" in the top left of the window and click on "Open"

5. Locate the old files to open them. If you need to convert *.A32 files, change the Files of type dropdown to include these files.

6. The file will open and you can view it. After this click on File > Save or press Ctrl+S. This will save the file in the updated format. If prompted, enter any optional information and click OK to finish saving.

7.  The file should now be able to open to AGi32 version 19.0 or newer.