Lighting Analysts respects your privacy and is devoted to safeguarding your data to the best of our abilities. Our Privacy Policy describes our business practices regarding your company and personal information when using our websites, support venues and software applications. Additionally, some of our product functionality may include supplemental privacy notices and opt-in or opt-out choices. Use of Lighting Analysts software is governed by our End Users License Agreement (EULA). Web-based software utilizes a separate EULA available on request. We DO NOT honor requests to modify our EULA.

Lighting Analysts (LAI) recognizes that all of our customers work on projects that are competitive in nature demanding our utmost care and security. When you provide sensitive project data to our support staff you can rest assured it is protected to the best of our abilities and its contents are completely confidential between you and our technical team. 

Data provided for technical support purposes

This applies to any data files generated by Lighting Analysts software programs as submitted by the customer, including photometric data and other data files that may be supplied by the customer for the purposes of technical support assistance.

  • Data can be seen by LAI staff only.* 
  • Data submitted via LAI Sharefile cloud storage is automatically deleted from the Sharefile system after 14 days.
  • Data attached to a ticket may be downloaded to our secure server depending on its nature.
  • Data downloaded from other sites or shared via email is kept on our secure server.
  • Our secure, in-house server is dedicated to customer support resolution and deleted annually on December 31st but is often deleted after the issue has been resolved.
  • Closed Support tickets are archived by the Freshdesk system after 120 days. They cannot be unarchived and become read-only for LAI staff.

* Unless a reseller has been involved in the support request. We are not responsible for resellers policies.

Data requiring signed Non-Disclosure: LAI officers can sign your NDA should the need arise. Please attach your NDA to the ticket.