In this unusual time should you need to install and run our software on a different computer we can help, we are open for business and able to assist you during our normal hours of 8 AM - 5 PM MDT.

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Step 1:  Download the software

Subscription customers can easily download the latest software from any of the TRY links on the homepage at For pre-subscription versions, log in to your account and download the latest version in the generation you own.

Step 2:  Install software on a home computer

Step 3:  Activate the Installation

Do you have available activations?

Single User license subscription (SUL) - With the SUL you can have two active installations, one in use at a time. If you have not yet installed the software on a second computer, please do so. You will need one of the following: Activation Code, LAI Account number, or a valid email address from the account.  Register your installation in the License Manager (opens upon first run of the application).  Established users can log into your account and find this information in the license portal. (Lighting Analysts can not add users to the License Account).  If you need to release a previously activated computer in order to activate a new one, you can also do this from the license portal.  You will also need access to your email account to complete the activation validation.

Multi User license (MUL) - With the MUL you can install the software on any number of computers. The number of concurrent users is dependent on the number of MUL's you own. You can checkout a license if this capability is enabled. With the MUL, you may have an ADMIN designated in your license portal which you can contact to retrieve an Activation Code to get the software running. If there is no Admin designated, you can log in and access the License Portal yourself. You can also activate the software without an Activation Code if your email address exists in the account.

Pre-subscription versions - You will need to log in to your account to download the most recent version you own. You may need to deactivate a previous installation or setup or change Simple Sharing. If your office is running a network license you can check out a license before you depart (your admin must have this enabled).

We are here to support our customers.  If you encounter any issue, please Submit a Support Request.