Problem: When starting AGi32, attempting to run a calculation, or import a DWG/DXF file , this error message may appear. 


Possible causes:

1. AGi file opened from a 3rd party app.


    Many file sharing services offer file management apps that allow files to be browsed and opened.  Dropbox, for example.  If you receive this error after launching AGi32 by clicking an AGi file in such an app, 

  1. Restart AGi32.
  2. Try opening the file from Windows Explorer, or from within AGi32 using the File ---> Open command instead.

2. The AGi32 Installation may be corrupted by another program.

    If you receive this error without launching AGi32 via another app, it may indicate a corrupt installation. 

Please try uninstalling and reinstalling AGi32 with a few extra steps.

1. Uninstall all versions of AGi32 via the Windows' Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
2. Delete any installer files for AGi32 you may have saved.
3. Manually search for and apply any/all Windows updates. If updates are installed, it is important to manually check for and apply any additional updates available until there are no updates left to install. If Windows needs to be rebooted at any point during this process, reboot the computer and make sure to check for more updates once the machine has completely started up again.
4. Reboot the computer and allow it plenty of time to completely boot up again. The only time when this isn't necessary is if the machine just finished rebooting to install Windows updates and after it has completed the start-up process, no additional updates are available.
5. If possible, temporarily disable any anti-virus program you have running.
6. Download and SAVE a fresh copy of the latest AGi32 installer file. You can download the installer from your E-Store account or by clicking here (this is a link to the trial download page, but it is the same as the full version of AGi32).
7. Locate the saved AGI32 Setup.exe file, right-click on it, then select the "Run as administrator" option to initiate the installation process.
8. Follow the prompts to reinstall AGi32 but do NOT allow the program to run after installation completes.
9. Reboot the computer again and as before, give it plenty of time to completely start up.
10. Now try running AGi32.

If the problem persists, please contact Lighting Analysts Support.