AGi32's "Disable Hardware Acceleration in Render Mode" setting handles how graphics information in and for Render Mode is processed by the computer. In some cases, the graphics information cannot be correctly processed by the current graphics card and driver and the on-bard graphics built into the motherboard would work better whereas, in other situations, it would be better to have the graphics card and driver process the information. Below some common scenarios where it might be necessary to switch how AGi32's Render Mode graphics are handled:

  • The rendered image remains on the screen after switching from Render Mode to Model Mode.
  • The Render Mode screen is blank or empty (though this can sometimes have to do with large coordinates in the model and entities in the model located at extreme distances from each other).
  • The "Unable to render this job file - Valid OpenGL device context was not found" error, shown below, occurs when trying to calculate or go into Render Mode.

If experiencing any of these issues, please work through the steps below to toggle the state of the "Disable Hardware Acceleration in Render Mode" setting: 

  1. Close all open instances of AGi32.
  2. Open a new/blank instance of AGi32.

    Steps 3 through 9 are shown in the image below.

  3. Click the System Settings button to open the System Settings dialog.
  4. On the right side of the System Settings dialog, click the "Advanced" button.
  5. In the Advanced Settings dialog, click the "Render/Calculation" tab.
  6. Locate the "Disable Hardware Acceleration in Render Mode" setting. There are 2 settings starting with "Disable Hardware Acceleration..." and it is the first one.
  7. If the setting has a check in the box next to it, uncheck the box; if the box next to the setting is unchecked, put a check in the box.
  8. On the right side of the dialog, put a check in the box next to "Save Settings as Startup Defaults".
  9. Click the "Ok" button to save the setting and close the Advanced Settings dialog.
  10. Click "Ok" in the System Settings dialog to close it.
  11. Close AGi32.
  12. Open AGi32 again or open your file and see if the same behavior occurs.