With AGi32 version 20 changes have been made to how schedules work to improve both usability and performance.

1. We added automatic text-wrapping in the schedules. This means that any line breaks or carriage returns (Enter) are interpreted as new lines. This may cause some schedule rows to appear to be randomly double-spaced, or otherwise too wide. Please edit the information in the Schedule Fields (in the Schedule, Define Luminaire, or wherever that data was originally created) to delete all the extra carriage returns. A simple way to do this is to click in the data field so that your cursor enters the field text. Use the arrow key to go down to the bottom of the text. Once at the end of the data string, use the backspace or delete key until it deletes the last character, then replace just the last character and nothing else. That should get rid of any extra line breaks.

For example, if a Luminaire Definition has extra line breaks or similar characters in a field, like the Description, it will cause the schedule to wrap the text in way that looks like it is adding extra blank space.

2. To improve performance of the schedules, a small buffer has been added in AGi32 version 20 that does increase the size of each column from what it was in 19.15. This is why the schedules and other elements may appear to be too large or larger than they were in version 19.15. The solution is to edit the schedules, and decrease the width of some or all of the columns.