When AGi32 or another Lighting Analysts software product becomes Inactive or Expired unexpectedly, it means it either doesn't recognize that computer as the same computer, or something has caused the license file to be unreadable. When AGi32 is activated, it creates a license file in "C:\ProgramData\Lighting Analysts\Subscription\License". When AGi32 is started again, it compares the computer ID written in this license file to what the current computer ID is. If they don't match, then AGi32 will become Inactive. 


This can happen for various reasons. If the computer has hardware changed then this can happen. If you're working on a virtual machine or a VDI then this can happen since the user profile and computer ID is usually built dynamically, instead of statically. Per our Support Policy our ability to support virtual environments is severely limited. If the license file becomes unreadable or corrupted, then this can also happen.


In whatever case, the solution is to re-activate AGi32 by clicking on the Activate Subscription button. You can log into your account on https://lightinganalysts.com/, and use the License Portal to manage your activations if you need to.